Monday, March 4, 2013

Conflicts and Economic Development

I am currently preparing the course that I will be teaching next semester at the IIEP Master of Goethe University:  Conflicts and Economic Development.

It is actually a "block seminar", meaning students pick up a topic and I will be guiding them to write a term-paper during the semester.

This is first time I will be responsible for this course, so I am sharing the syllabus, with the hope to receive some feedback about relevant topics and papers I may be missing. My students (maybe) and I (for sure) will be very grateful to any suggestions!

Topics: Conflicts and Economic Development (MIIEP-Goethe University, Summer 2013)

General readings

Economic determinants of conflicts
Ethnicity, polarization and conflict
Long run effects of conflicts
Effects of conflicts on human capital
Effects of conflicts on health
Violent conflicts and behavior change
International trade and conflicts
Commodity prices and conflict


  1. I would add something on resources and conflict, like "Do Giant Oilfield Discoveries Fuel Internal Armed Conflicts?" or "Oil and Conflict: What Does the Cross-Country Evidence Really Show?", for example...

    and maybe also the one on soccer violence by Ted Miguel et al. cause it gets students interested in economics!

    1. good point PL! Even I am including a topic about Commodity prices and conflict, it is also relevant to talk about resource discoveries.

      An the football paper, can be nice in the topic about Violent conflicts and behavior change.


  2. I like this working paper: Marc Rockmore: The Cost of Fear: The Welfare Effects of the Risk of Violence in Northern Uganda. He disentangles different measures of conflict (individual exposure versus geographic measures of insecurity), which I find a nice reminder that we should think about what we are actually measuring.

  3. (And I find it really cool that you'll have a course on conflict economics!)