Monday, January 23, 2012

South Sudan facts of the day

South Sudan is about to halt oil production over disputes with their North "friends", from which they have emancipated half a year ago. The problem is that the only way to export the black gold is using the Sudanese pipeline, a fact that the guys from Khartoum are using as a way to retain part of the revenues missed with the partition of the country. 

A big challenge for Juba is that 97.8% of public revenues are actually coming from oil... quite an important share! 

Other horrible interesting facts from the newest country in the world:

- 38% of the population has to walk for more than 30 minutes one way to collect drinking water
- 83% of the population live in tukuls.
- 27% of the 15 years and above population is literate. The literacy rate for males is 40% compared to 16% for females.
- In 2009 there were 129 students per classroom.

More statistics here

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