Friday, October 28, 2011

Hockey and development???

From a new paper by Alberto Chong and Pascal Restrepo:
We provide evidence of the Peltzman effect by tracking the professional path of each
hockey player that ended up in the National Hockey League from 2001 to 2006. We
take advantage of the fact that visor use has not always been compulsory throughout
a player’s career, which allows us to compare the change in behavior of users and
non-users of visors when they are forced to use them. We find that whereas the
average penalty minutes per game is 0.8, visors cause a substantial increase of 0.2
penalty minutes per game. Players become more aggressive when forced to wear a
visor, partially offsetting its protective effect and creating potential spillover effects to
other players.
When I arrived to work at the IADB, one of the first stories I heard was how Alberto had an RA the whole summer looking for pictures of hockey players and if their were using visors... now I understand!

If interested in link the Peltzman effect to development related issues, here there is a nice blog post by Dean Karlan.

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