Friday, March 13, 2009

Just 4 me

Yesterday I was lucky. I was trying to reach a little bar called Mississippi in the area of the Cheikh Anta Diop University where I was told professors go to get drunk but my instructions and poor French were not enough for the taxi driver. He just left me in the front door of the university, and started looking for the bar in the not too safe streets around... when I found a decent bar (in Senegalese standards) I just went in and asked for a Flag and realised that it was a little stage...

- y at-il de musique aujourd'hui??
- bien sûr monsieur...

The beer was expensive, so I was expecting a good show, and it was amazing!!! Just when I came back to my room at la maison de l'universite and read my West Africa Lonely Planet I realised that I was in just4you, the best live music place in Dakar! and the artist was Cheikh Lo (seems like everyone is called Cheikh here...), one of the most popular Senegalese artists. Look this (see how this rich guys dance with CFA bills in their mouth, that afterwards give to the musicians):


  1. This is the begining of a lot of bizarre and nice histories!!
    it´s a good way to practice your french if you can´t speak in english in that place.. I loved the dancing! good luck and enjoy everything! and.... take a lot of pictures and videos specially to animals!


  2. Che dany! que bueno el blog, y tus planes por alla!
    Segui escribiendo y que lo disfrutes!
    Un abrazo,

  3. wuaaaaaaaa is a nice history, cómo mierda bailan así! aprendete los pasos ya!

    Besos desde chilito caluroso.